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About Us

Plain and simple, we are storytellers. We are conveyers of a message, a meaning, a concept or a voice. We approach each project uniquely, but with the same intense dedication and desire to craft the best visual experience we can possibly create.

Our skilled team a wide ranging set of skills in video and graphics production all over the world and consists of producers, directors, animators, writers and editors. We work with a very select and trusted group of cinematographers on projects ranging from intimate interview set ups to large scale on location video productions.

Our Strength

The real strength of the Saluki Media team is visual storytelling and the most important part of every project we work on is the heart. We pride ourselves in the value of having a small, dedicated team who has worked together for years and can seamlessly work on any project together, each person knowing their roles, strengths and areas of expertise, which we all keep in house.

By having a strong Arabic and English speaking team, with years of experience all over the globe, we are able to bring a Western style of video creation mixed with a locally conscious sensibility to any project.