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Saluki Media – A Full Service Media Production Company in Dubai

Video has the power to influence people and evoke the right emotion. But showing clips and moving images is not enough to draw attention of your intended audience. You need the expertise of an experienced video production company in Dubai to help you craft a masterpiece that is compelling enough not only to entertain the audience but send a powerful message.

Saluki Media is a full-service media production company specializing in creating and producing compelling video content for various broadcast purposes. From full-length documentary series for some of the world’s largest television networks to complex 3D animation, hi-tech drone photography and in-depth emotional storytelling and world-class post production in Dubai, Saluki Media is a leading 3d animation company that takes pride in bringing every story to life, no matter how difficult, challenging or unique. With an international team of dedicated senior producers, directors, animators, writers, and editors, the Saluki Media team takes on video production projects not only in Dubai and other parts of UAE but also across the globe, wherever the story takes them. We also offer complete assistance with corporate video production and opening ceremony videos.


Including shooting in every emirate in the...

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Episodic Television

Creating factual television entertainment...

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TV Commercials

Sometimes we only have 30-60 seconds to get...

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Corporate Video

Capture Your Audience with A Compelling Corporate...

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Opening Ceremony Films

Dedicated to delivering world-class opening...

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Often times we get called on to help on existing...

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Foreign Facilitation

Completing an entire project from pre-production...

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Aerial Cinematography

Adding drone photography to a project is not...

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Event Coverage

Whether a project is a month long or even...

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3D Animation

Some stories simply cannot be told..

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Post Production

Piecing together clips and footage to..

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Film Production

Producing a full-featured picture is..

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The real strength of the Saluki Media team is visual storytelling and the most important part of every project we work on is the heart.

Our film production firm combines the power of conceptualization, strategic production planning, and the latest post-production technology and techniques to help clients from all over the world bring their unique vision to the big or small screen.

Seasoned professionals offering world-class services of video production in Dubai

We pride ourselves in the value of having a small, dedicated team who have worked together for years and can seamlessly work on any project together, each person knowing their roles, strengths, and areas of expertise, which we all keep in-house.

By having a strong Arabic and English-speaking team, with years of experience all over the globe, our production house is able to bring a Western style of video creation mixed with a locally conscious sensibility to any project.

Craft a compelling story with Saluki Media

Set an appointment with us today and let us help you create persuasive pieces that will help you achieve your goals. Call us on +971 (0)4 375 2435 or email us on

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